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Why EA AromaCare

Why EA AromaCare?

Where did it all begin and what do you feel is different about EA Aromacare?

It began with a dream that we could help people stay well. Sourcing essential oils went from a hobby, to a passion and then to an obsessive hunt for quality. In a marketplace flooded with fragrance, we feel E A Aromacare stands out with our glorious essential oils sourced from around the world.

Every one of our oils is pure essential oil. While we appreciate the beauty of synthetic fragrance or perfume oils, we believe the sparkling freshness of natural essences cannot be surpassed. We like to leave them as close to the way nature intended as we can. Their majesty far exceeds their enticing aromas, natural volatiles being tell tales signs of chemical molecules with profoundly therapeutic properties.

We source our oils with care. Often the difference between a good essential oil and a truly fine one depends, very similarly to fine wines, to the terroir it was grown in. The term pertains to the soil, the climate, the amount of sun verses shade, the winds that battered the plant, or the breeze that kissed its leaves. Was it scorched in the sun or was it lucky enough to germinate under the branches of a sheltering tree. All of these factors affect the chemistry, its fragrance, and in turn the way it can heal our bodies minds and spirits.

An EA Aromacare oil has been chosen with love and care.

How do you tie the importance of quality together with the safety concerns of your customers?

We label our oils very carefully.

Latin names and country of origin are vital to the customer experience. The savvy customer wants to be clear on exactly what chemotype they are using, to understand what chemistry and actions they can expect. The same applies for country of origin. What are the secrets of the terroir in the bottle and what magic can they bring.

This is not just a quality indicator. Take lavender for example. We have a beautiful Lavandula angustifolia or True Lavender. It is safe and easy to use. Spike Lavender, or Lavandula latifolia is far more complex, being rich in pervasive chemical group known as ketones. For some people with epilepsy or mental health problems, ketones can be neurotoxic causing seizures or psychosis.

Expiration dates are designed as a guide particularly for citrus oils which lose their efficacy quickly as monoterpenes become oxidised. When this happens, not only does the fragrance alter, the properties dissipate, but also the oil can irritate the skin. We want you to be thrilled with the results every time you use our oils.

What challenges do you feel the industry is facing and how is your business responding?

The aromatherapy industry is one of the biggest growth industries on the planet, as people are ever more interested in taking care of their health. A sad downside of the interest is the tidalwave of misinformation about essential oils and how to use them.

This worries us!

In 2017 we took the decision to take on the service of professional aromatherapist and essential oils researcher Elizabeth Ashley, as a consultant, to help steer the safety aspects of our company.

Ashley has 25 years professional experience, is the author of 18 essential oils manuals and is an overseas speaker for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists and the International Federation of Aromatherapists.

What quality standards does EA Aromacare ascribe to?

Essential oils are a slightly odd commodity because there are no quality standards, as such. Natural elements in the oils are subject to change and variation so a benchmark system is impossible. That said, AFNOR have a system of procedures and quality standard that the best essential oils companies follow. All our oils meet with AFNOR regulations.

Do you supply quality control data?

All of our oils come with GC/MS readings to analyse the chemical constituency of the product.

What is the minimum order you will accept?

At EA Aromacare we place the customer experience at the forefront of our business. We understand that sometimes you only want to buy one oil! Spoil yourself by complete control of order levels



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